Surf Academy

Surfing lessons with personal video

Our lessons are designed for small groups of no more than 4 people per lesson, organised accordingly to the groups surfing level.

We personalise our lessons each day, by looking for the best surf conditions for each level to achieve their group goals. So whether you’re mastering a bottom turn, perfecting a roundhouse cutback or a snap or taking off on your first green, we’ll find the right spot for you.

Thanks to your small group size, we are able to film every single wave. No wave is lost, which sets us apart from other surf schools.

After your lesson the video recording will be analysed by our in-house experts and you will be given feedback (intermediate and advance groups only).

Our training system is based on objectives and is very effective, so in a safe and enjoyable way you will see quick results.

We are confident we can give you the best coaching on the coast.

Video Analysis

Video analysis* is the best way for us to show you how to improve your surfing.

Watch your own surfing first, then see then a professional surfer riding the same wave. This comparison will help you to visualise and understand the correct techniques for each single manoeuvre.

We will then guide you with the adjustments required to your surfing technique, style and positioning.

 *only green waves – with own equipment

Surfing techniques with Carver skateboards

We use Carver skateboards to practice surfing manoeuvres and build muscle memory that can be translated to your next surf session.

Since only a small fraction of our time surfing is up on our feet riding waves, skating gives us more time to practice manoeuvres again and again.

Skating practice on land gives you the same awareness and natural responses as on your surfboard, so don’t be surprised if the next time you go surfing you find that your wave riding has become much better!

This way we can keep improving our surfing techniques, balance, strength and endurance (it’s also good core and leg exercise too).



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